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    Create email forwards that redirect to existing email accounts.

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    Features / 24 X 7 Server Monitoring

    Our infrastructure comprises of high availability clusters of different machines, with varied operating systems and applications, spread across multiple continents. Click here to read more about the our Virtual Server center

    An effective monitoring system is extremely crucial for ensuring maximum uptime. Today, any web services company manages hundreds of servers with a large number of services running on each server. Manually checking each service on just one server 24 x 7 is extremely difficult - across a number of servers - is humanly impossible. Companies that do not have a good monitoring system, or worse, don't have one at all, have larger downtimes and are increasing the risk of potential damage caused due to service disruptions. An undetected minor issue can change into a major issue rapidly, increasing the amount of damage caused.

    Our monitoring systems and tools provide our system administrators with an all-encompassing view into the health of our globally distributed infrastructure. We monitor a large number of parameters related to the health of our servers and individual services that reside on them.

    Services monitored include -
    • Network Connectivity
    • Server Disk Space
    • Server CPU Usage
    • Server Memory Usage
    • Web Services - HTTP, HTTPS & FTP
    • Email Services - SMTP, POP & IMAP
    • Database Services - MySQL, MSSQL
    • DNS Services
    • All Log Files

    and More...

    If any server or service fails, or any resource utilization exceeds specified limits, then a notification pops-up immediately on the screen of all our Infrastructure Monitoring Staff. The notification system also handles escalation of issues i.e. if the issue is not resolved within 'x' minutes, SMS alerts are sent out to higher level system administrators, and subsequently to Management.

    All of this allows us to detect and resolve any issue within minutes of it happening and ensures maximum uptime for your customers.

    Features in Hosting
    Hardware Standardization We have standardized on hardware vendors that have a track record of high security standards and quality support. Most of our infrastructure and datacenter partners use equipment from Cisco, Juniper, HP, Dell etc.
    Host Based Intrusion Detection System
    With the advent of tools that are able to bypass port blocking perimeter defense systems such as firewalls, it is now essential for enterprises to deploy Host-based Intrusion Detection System (HIDS) which focuses on monitoring and analyising the internals of a computing system. Our Host-based Intrusion Detection System assists in detecting and pinpointing changes to the system and configuration files - whether by accident, from malicious tampering, or external intrusion - using heuristic scanners, host log information, and by monitoring system activity. Rapid discovery of changes decreases risk of potential damage, and also reduces troubleshooting and recovery times, thus decreasing overall impact and improving security and system availability.
    Features of Applications
    All of the application software that is used in the platform is built by us. We do not outsource development. Any 3rd party Products or Components go through comprehensive training and testing procedures where all elements of such products are broken down and knowledge about their architecture and implementation is transferred to our team. This allows us to completely control all variables involved in any particular Product. All applications are engineered using our proprietary Product Engineering Process which follows a proactive approach towards security. Each application is broken down into various components such as User Interface, Core API, Backend Database etc. Each layer of abstraction has its own security checks, despite the security checks performed by a higher abstraction layer. All sensitive data is stored in an encrypted format. Our engineering and development practices ensure the highest level of security with regards to all application software
    Features in terms of Software Security
    Our applications run on myriad systems  with myriad server software. OperatingSystems include various flavors of Linux,BSD, Windows. Server Software includesversions and flavors of Apache, IIS, Resin,Tomcat, Postgres, MySQL, MSSQL,Qmail, Sendmail, Proftpd etc etc. We
    ensure security despite the diverse portfolio of software products we utilize by following a process-oriented approach.
    Timely Application of Updates, BugFixes and Security Patches

    All servers are registered for automatic updates to ensure that they always have the latest security patch installed and that any new vulnerabilities are rectified as soon as possible. The largest number of intrusions result from exploitation of known vulnerabilities,
    configuration errors, or virus attacks where countermeasures ARE already available. According to CERT, systems and networks are impacted by these events as they have "not consistently" deployed the patches that were released.
    We fully understand the requirement for strong patch and update management processes. As operating systems and server software get more complex, each newer release is littered with security holes. Information and updates for new security threats are released on an
    almost daily basis. We have built consistent, repeatable processes and a reliable auditing and reporting framework which ensures that all our systems are always up-to-date.
    Periodic Security Scans

    Frequent checks are run using enterprise grade security software to determine if any servers have any known vulnerabilities. The servers are scanned against the most comprehensive and up-to-date databases of known vulnerabilities. This enables us to
    proactively protect our servers from attacks and ensure business continuity by identifying security holes or vulnerabilities before an attack occurs.
    Pre-Upgrade testing processes

    Software upgrades are released frequently by various software vendors. while each vendor follows their own testing procedures prior to release of any upgrade, they cannot test inter-
    operability issues between various software. For instance a new release of a database may be tested by the Database vendor. However the impact of deploying this release on a production system running various other FTP, Mail,Web Server software cannot be directly
    determined. Our system administration team documents the impact analysis of various software upgrades and if any of them are perceived to have a high-risk, they are first beta-tested in our labs before live deployment.
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