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Fed up with abrupt power cuts? Worried about low voltage? Install solar rooftop in your house and you could cut down your dependence on  Electricity Board & Private corporate Power companies for your electricity needs...??

We dedicate for  ‘Adoption of rooftop solar systems’ in association with "EMPOWER YOUR ENVIRONMENT SOCIETY INDIA (EYES INDIA) the Non-Governmental Organisation Trustees and experts from the energy sector spoke on the utility of solar rooftops, a form of clean energy.

By installing a 1 kilo Watt (kW) solar roof top you could generate 4.5 to 5 units of electricity per day. A 1 kW solar roof top could be set up in an area as small as just 100 square feet.

This could be used to energise 2 tube lights, 2 fans, and even a fridge. Leave alone these appliances, you could even run your air conditioner with 1 kW solar panel, provided you do not use it for anything else.

To put it in perspective, if you have ten 100 watt bulbs in your house and if you light them all for an hour, then you will be using one unit of electricity. In other words, if you use 1,000 Watts or 1 Kilowatt of power for 1 hour, then you consume 1 unit or 1 Kilowatt-Hour (kWH) of electricity.

A one ton air conditioner, depending upon the model, uses anywhere between 1,000 to 1,500 watts. So, you can decide what appliance you need the most and if it should be solar linked.

How does Solar PV Work?

According to Power Experts, solar rays from the sun ‘strike’ the solar PV panel. The PV panels convert the solar rays ‘striking on its surface’ to DC (Direct Current)power.

Later on, the DC power is converted to AC (Alternating Current) for using it in the household with the help of an inverter. The electricity, i.e., AC power, thus generated, could be used to power different types of electrical appliances.

You could either use the power generated directly with battery support (off grid) or link up with the local EB grid (grid tie system). (To understand the features of off grid and grid tie systems, please refer the table below).

The cost of installing a 1 kW solar panel could be between Rs 1 lakh to Rs 1.5 lakh complete with a battery and an inverter. Although the cost of installing solar panel may be comparatively high, it has long term benefits (see chart), say experts.

Speaking on the government schemes on roof top solar panels, Mr. Sameer Rao – Solar, EYES INDIA said “The Government of India & various State Governments has a vision to generate 3,000 MW of solar energy by 2015 including 350 MW of electricity through Rooftop solar systems which comprises of solar parks with a capacity of about 50MW each in each and every districts of various states & union territories throughout India.

In General, Tamil Nadu government is providing generation based incentive or capital subsidy of Rs 20,000/ KWp to promote Domestic Solar Rooftop in the state. Also, the Central government provides incentive upto Rs 30,000, he added. This must be a motivation enough for people to think about installing solar rooftop. For more information, contact EYES INDIA officials or visit the website
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