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Jericho Infotech Pvt. Ltd. was earlier called Chennai Computers and involved in the field of computers for caring every end users requirements. It was incorporated in the year of1997 as Chennai Computers Inc. at New Delhi, India. In those days it was very mono poly period, even to that extent.. we had only one thing in our mind.., i.e., "Rather losing money than the confidence of our Customers" as famously quoted by Robert Bosch founder of Bosch GmbH, a German Multinational Company.
Inspired upon his favourite quote we had always thinking, analysing ,acting and keep on continuing in our journey. The Promoter spend few years in the middle east country in the field of Electronics and communication engineering in the Automotive Industry and then started this company to focus in the solutions for the call centres in India. Since 2008, then our journey focusing in the field of providing web solutions, administrative, and security solutions.
Our Future Vision:
One of our Director is from the medicial background,.. and we are planning to focussing tobring the IT and MEDICAL together which would be a beneficial for the public.. and patients in particular not only to theindividual but to the entire nation.
Therefore, we are very eager to servebetter than anyone, indeed watch curiously at this products page and services page and free to contact anytime at the dedicate number 91+882-670-4227
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